Credits for ID Help

Many people have provided valuable guidance throughout my career. The list is very, very long. My sincerest Thank You! goes out to each and every one of you.

In addition…

Thank you to my family, as well as Chris Blair, Mike Beam, and Chris Carrier for their personal involvement, encouragement, and assistance in the development of my film archives into an online presentation.

And a very big Thank You to:
Jane Anderson
Bob Appleget
Gary Baker
Mel Bashore – Drag Strip List
Roger Bear
Mike Bell – Georgia auto racing historial
John Bisci
Allan Brown – auto racing historian
Jim Carson – Late Model Digest
Cindy Clark
Ed Clark
Anthony Dale
Wayne Estes
Jeff Foster
Dave Fulton
Rick Green and the staff of Drag Race Central
Rick Hauser
Jack Ingram
Kyle Jones – Lost Speedway Communities
Owen Kearns
Wayne Kindness
Sam Morris
Jeff Motley
Randy Necessary
Jeff Nuckles – Columbus Motor Speedway
Lynn Peters
Chris Powell
Robbie Powell
John Potts
Robert Pressley
Tim Richter
Samantha Rudder
Lonnie Rush
Colbert Seagraves
Mark Southcott
Phyllis Spivey
Mike Smith – Martinsville Speedway
Melvin Puddin Swisher
Pam Sylva
Larry Tomar
Todd Turner – Dirt on Dirt
Robert Walden
Richard Doc Waldrop
Jay Wells
Jan White
Will White – Auto Racing Records
Justin Zock

for their assistance in the accurate identification of drivers and cars as they are scanned from film into a digital format.