Smokey Mountain 1978

Smokey Mountain Raceway 1978 Gene Glover

Smokey Mountain Raceway | © 1978 David Allio

1978 July 30 | Sunday: Gene Glover (71) Chevrolet Nova driver prepares for the Zelmar Grotto 200 NASCAR Winston Racing Series Late Model Sportsman National Championship World Service Life Road to Charlotte Invitational at Smokey Mountain Raceway in Maryville, Tennessee.

Louisville Fairgrounds 1978

Louisville Fairgrounds 1978 Dick Trickle Joe Shear

Louisville Fairgrounds | © 1978 David Allio

1978 June 17 | Saturday: Dick Trickle chats with Joe Shear following the Bluegrass 300 American Speed Association (ASA) triple 100-lap features on the Louisville Fairgrounds Motor Speedway on the Kentucky State Fairgrounds in Louisville, Kentucky.

@MartinsvilleSwy 1978

Martinsville Speedway 1978 Darel Dieringer

Martinsville Speedway | © 1978 David Allio

1978 September 24 | Sunday: Darel Dieringer watches the 29th Annual Old Dominion 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National event at Martinsviille Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia.

Del Mar Fairgrounds 1988

Del Mar Fairgrounds 1988 Dan Gurney

Del Mar Fairgrounds | © 1988 David Allio

1988 October 21 | Friday: Dan Gurney, team owner of Dennis Aase (98)GTO All-American Racers Toyota Celica Turbo and Willy T Ribbs (99)GTO All-American Racers Toyota Celica Turbo, attends the Nissan Grand Prix of Southern California International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Camel GT event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California.

Bristol 1988

Bristol Intl Raceway 1988 Dale Earnhardt

Bristol Intl Raceway | © 1988 David Allio

1988 April 10 | Sunday: Dale Earnhardt (3) Richard Childress Racing (RCR) Chevrolet Monte Carlo driver leans against his race car before the 28th Annual Valleydale 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race at Bristol International Raceway in Bristol, Tennessee.

@MartinsvilleSwy 1978

Martinsville Speedway 1978 Clay Earles

Martinsville Speedway | © 1978 David Allio

1978 March 12 | Sunday: Clay Earles, President of Martinsville Speedway, participates in pre-race for the Dogwood 500 Classic NASCAR Winston Racing Series Late Model Sportsman National Championship event at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia.

PRI Trade Show

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show 2018

PRI Trade Show | © 2018 David Allio

2018 December 07 | Friday – The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show is now underway in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.